Monday, August 26, 2013

first day of school 2013

today is the first day of school for both of my loves...just a little update on some BIG changes for our family! madison begins first grade today...yes, first grade! where has the time gone? it feels like we just moved here and she was starting kindergarten. matt took a new teaching position at mount tabor high school in winston-salem and today is also his first day. i couldn't be any prouder of these two-- always adapting to change and growth. as baby m continues to grow in my tummy-- we have about 6 weeks until we have an addition to the family :) 

and just a peak into the first day of school last year 2012

Friday, August 16, 2013

madison's 6th birthday

only a week later...ok, so i have been swamped at work. ten hour days. i'm a bit behind on my social media including sharing some photos from madison's little family birthday party from last weekend. we had such a good time & she was so happy to have some family come to town to celebrate with her. we enjoyed treats, gifts & cheesecake. what kid doesn't like "real cake?"- it was wonderful! thanks to our amazing family for making it so're 6 now kiddo!