Monday, September 26, 2011

apple picking

over the weekend, we {our family} went to an apple picking farm to pick fresh apples. we chose to do this because madison just loves apples. honestly- she eats one or two a day. it was so much fun. she was so excited to run around the farm picking tons of apples and it was fun for the whole family. madison even got to hold a baby duck! sunday we made apple prints and an apple pie to go with sunday--i just adore fall fun. lots of photos so enjoy :) 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

giveaway winner

congrats to you meg issacs! 

please shoot me an email with your shipping information & i will get this out in the mail tomorrow morning! congrats again and thank you all for taking a few minutes to come check out my blog and leave a comment! i appreciate it :) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

outdoor fun & a finger print tree

a gorgeous day after school today--a cool breeze, sun is starting to peak out, and peanut is in a great mood {not tired or cranky after a usual day at school} so we walked outside for a bit, hence the great shots, and then made a finger print tree following the tutorial by emily sparks. i cannot take credit for this brilliant idea--her blog is great & she is sharing the pdf file at the bottom of her post so everyone and their children can also make adorable fingerprint tree's--frame it for the fall & bring it out each year around the autumn season. check it out here & enjoy my photos of our fun fall activity :) 

embrace the camera : sept 22nd

have you ever had one of those nights--where no one sleeps well? husband stays up too late watching tv, children are up two or three times in the middle of the night because of tummy aches or in my case--the rain?? who am i kidding--if you're a mother, you know exactly what i am talking about. sometimes you wake up a tad angry because you somehow wound up in your child's toddler bed or you have ten tiny toes kicking you in the tummy--but this morning, i woke up blessed and happy. after being up two times because madison was scared of the loud rain--she looked at me and said, "momma- we're in the family and i love you" moments like this make it all worth it-- so today i am embracing the moments with me & my little peanut. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{giveaway} pink flower ring

hello all my readers & followers! i have an exciting giveaway beginning today! a few days ago i needed to give a gift to a friend and i wanted to try something different and handmade--so i chose to make her a flower ring! not only did she love it but- i loved how it turned out so i decided to make another ring to giveaway to one lucky winner...the rules are super simple | follow my blog & leave a comment| the giveway will end sept 24th @ midnight. i will pick and announce the winner sunday morning, sept 25th! check out the cute flower ring & get your comments in! good luck.

{diy} modge podge wall art

here is another simple great diy project which i have to give little miss momma credit for because this was not my idea at all but i was dying to try it. here at our house- we pride on art work especially when our daughter brings home something special she did in school or makes a really special picture. as a graphic designer and art minor- i know how important art is to children and for my child- it's a really wonderful way for her to express herself. when i saw little miss mommas tutorial and saw how cute yet easy this would be- i know i just had to try it...make sure you check out her tutorial for step by step instructions if you want to make these also. little miss momma is a great blog- with lots of diy activities and it's a great read! now onto the adorable wall art : display your kids art work!

Monday, September 19, 2011

{diy} fall decor

just a few photos of some of my fall decor which is mostly all affordable and DIY--i made a fall table runner with a few squares of fabric. it was so easy & fun especially with the windows all open while enjoying a pumpkin spice latte- also another simple addition to some fall decor is framing a leaf-which was so simple. i found a frame for $1 and canvas paper for less than .50 cents! what a steal--find a pretty leaf and frame it and frame a fall family photo. pumpkins are only .99 at walmart and an easy way to add more fall accents--but my m&m bowl has slowly been disappearing ;) i hope you like fall at out house! 

{diy} coasters

yesterday was just gorgeous here in pennsylvania. it was the perfect fall day...good food, football, windows open, and crafts. i crafted most of the day while husband and madison watched and played football. of course- madison also helped with a few of the crafts (mostly made pictures & colored) but it a wonderful day! here is just a quick little project--seasonal themed coasters for under $10-yes and you have most of the stuff to make them again for when the holidays come around. it was a lot of fun, easy, and affordable-- make sure you go to joann's this week for coupon commotion--everything is on sale!!! have fun!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

fun with leaves

madison and i went on a treasure hunt yesterday looking for only the most colorful leaves. it was a lot of fun watching her find what she thought was pretty. it was also just a gorgeous fall day so we spent a lot of time outside. after we washed our leaves- i decided to help madison make a leaf book. i remember making leaf books with my mom when i was little and she really enjoyed that she is able to keep her leaves forever :) all you need is some leaves and wax paper. iron two pieces together and you've preserved the leaf! now it's time for a lazy pittsburgh steeler sunday. enjoy the photos from our day!