Monday, September 19, 2011

{diy} fall decor

just a few photos of some of my fall decor which is mostly all affordable and DIY--i made a fall table runner with a few squares of fabric. it was so easy & fun especially with the windows all open while enjoying a pumpkin spice latte- also another simple addition to some fall decor is framing a leaf-which was so simple. i found a frame for $1 and canvas paper for less than .50 cents! what a steal--find a pretty leaf and frame it and frame a fall family photo. pumpkins are only .99 at walmart and an easy way to add more fall accents--but my m&m bowl has slowly been disappearing ;) i hope you like fall at out house! 


  1. Hey there!
    Wow.. this seems such a warm place!

    Thanks for linking up with me on the perfect line. Your site looks very interesting, can't wait to read more! Following you now :)

  2. Wow sis! I love it all! Your runner turned out amazing! & of course, the cute framed leaf, family photo, gosh--the whole sha-bang! What a cute gift box too btw--whos the cute gift for?