Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{diy} modge podge wall art

here is another simple great diy project which i have to give little miss momma credit for because this was not my idea at all but i was dying to try it. here at our house- we pride on art work especially when our daughter brings home something special she did in school or makes a really special picture. as a graphic designer and art minor- i know how important art is to children and for my child- it's a really wonderful way for her to express herself. when i saw little miss mommas tutorial and saw how cute yet easy this would be- i know i just had to try it...make sure you check out her tutorial for step by step instructions if you want to make these also. little miss momma is a great blog- with lots of diy activities and it's a great read! now onto the adorable wall art : display your kids art work!

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