Wednesday, September 26, 2012


what have we been up too since the big move? 

matt- has really been enjoying teaching. it's been a new challenge for him but he is really getting the hang of things and loves having weekends off. he's been happy coming up with new projects and activities that engage his students. he is busy during the week but always home for dinner.

mandie- is finally just about done making our house a home. after i get mad & dad off to school: i apply for new jobs in the area, shop (yikes, spending all of hubby's money), exercise and prepare for dinner. i really really want a career in the area, but it's taking time. so so blessed i get to spend more time with my parents, especially my mother who i see at least once a week and has been our new babysitter for mad :) thanks ma!

madison- gets on the bus at 6:50 am, which to me is still just crazy. it's a fight to get her on in time but we manage to do it. she is doing well in school. learning a lot fast. we are practicing a lot new words, spelling, counting, and reading. she loves her teachers and is so proud she is still on the lily pad at school {due to good behavior and listening}

our weekends have been busy. we've tried to see family in the area and make the most of our days since we're so used to matt having to work weekends but now were able to do more fun stuff as a family. here are just a few photos of what's been going on...and some diy projects mama has been up too lately. pa this weekend to photograph a wedding but only there for less than 48 hours and unsure if i will get to visit family and friends. missing everyone.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

sky top orchard | flat rock, nc

today my sister and i met half way (in between greensboro and knoxville) with our kids to sky top orchard in flat rock, nc. this place was gorgeous! not only did they have fresh apple cider donuts ready when you walked in, but tons of apples to pick straight from the tree. the kids just loved it! the sun was shining and the views were amazing...but let's just say three kids 5 and under make for a lot of running around and a lot of "girls" slow down. it was so fun to make this day spontaneous with my sister, from avery and anderson. not only do i love spending time with her but adore spending time with her kids and seeing our daughters together, just like when we were kids. i love being able to create memories with my sister and our children. thanks sis for the memories.

 {and i am sorry, these photos just crack me up and let's just admit this, it sums up our children completely. who wants to stop the fun and take photos?? not our kids! right kate? our kids are still just so cute though, aren't they? even if they are being silly or not looking!}

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

come on in | a peak into our new home

welcome to our home. come on in and take a peak into our new home in greensboro, nc. i thought i'd share some photos mainly for friends and family so they are able to see some of our new home. does anyone even read this anymore, anyways??

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

gg's quilt

yesterday, madison got a beautiful package in the mail from her "gg" who is my grandmother. my grandmother has an amazing talent of quilting, which she has been doing since i could remember. all of her children, grandchildren, and family friends all have a small piece of my grandmother's talent as she continues to surprise others with gorgeous gifts of a handmade quilt. my grandmother's theme for madison's birthday quilt was "back to school" and she put so much thought into each square of fabric full of vintage florals, composition notebook fabric, cursive letters, and connect the dots. madison was so thrilled because in our family, we all adore the quilts that surround our home during the fall season. welcome fall. thank you grandma. now time to share some photos, enjoy!  (i apologize for my absence to my blog. let's be real here, i'm obsessed with instagram and let's just say due to that, my blog has been pushed side. i'd really like to continue to share our lives now that we've moved from pa to nc-- so i'm going to try harder. todays goal=photograph our home! so check back for a peak into our new home down south)