Tuesday, September 3, 2013

maternity photos | part two

hubby and i found an amazing old mill near our house with just the dream location of some more maternity photos. i wanted to get a few this weekend outdoors because i'm now 35 weeks...and lets face it, we're getting close!! still feels weird sharing so many photos of myself & baby m, but i know one day- it will mean a lot :) thanks to my hubby for capturing these shots...truly amazing! 

maternity photos | part one

a few weeks ago i had an impromptu photo session with yes, myself. i have been enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy so much that i wanted to make sure i captured it better than i did with my first child. i only took a few photos when i was pregnant with madison but i really want to remember the tiny kicks and movements while pregnant with baby m. i feel super weird sharing these photos, especially because there is a maternity photos part two- but i'm just gonna roll with it. these were taking in our bedroom, by me, with my tripod. some are a little out of focus, mainly because i was hitting the button and running into the frame but enjoy :) still weird seeing so much of me and baby m-- but i feel so blessed!