Friday, May 27, 2011

Noah & Quinn

last week i had the pleasure of spending some time with two siblings in a little stream. it's moments like this where i think to myself, yes--this has to be my job. this is what i want to do. i had so much fun getting to know these little sweethearts & i love their personalities. what motivation to continue and push forth with mmm. enjoy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Spring Photo Sessions

just a few more fun photos from recent photo sessions :) 

Giveaway WINNER

i am very very sorry for it taking so long to announce the giveaway winner for the headband BUT the winner {according to true random number generator} is...EMMA's LUNCH

If you are Emma's Mom- please email me your address at and I will ship your FREE HEADBAND this week! congrats & thank you to all for playing :) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SEW crazy

so i am going SEW crazy---literally. it's been raining here. raining. and more rain. for the next ten days to be exact. SEW i've been sewing. i let madison pick out fabric for silkies for the beach, one for her-- and one for avery {even baby likes it} i also made a tote bag, a pencil folio for mad, and a banner for her room. i need more ideas. maybe a toy bag?? more skirts?? it' SEW  much---fun! SEW- i will continue to go SEW crazy due to the lack of sun. enjoy my creations. more to come. {sorry for the abundance of using SEW instead of SO, it was my chance to be super cheesy & i like it}

spring photoshoots

as i mentioned in prior posts- i have been quite busy...doing what you ask?? photo shoots, postcards, cleaning, laundry, being a mommy-- busy busy busy! ok- i am not that busy but i wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the past few photo sessions i've done. last weekend- it ended up being a gorgeous weekend here in pa so i scheduled photo sessions throughout the entire weekend- it was such success. i cannot wait to get more sessions booked for the summer!

embrace the camera : may 19th

today i am embracing warm weather & family. nothing is better than those walks to the ice cream store while the sun is beating down on your face in your flip flops. rain for the next ten days in pittsburgh, pa...but i look forward to more days like this with my husband & daughter. i love the sun. i cannot wait for summer :) enjoy these photos, taken with my phone so i am sorry for the poor quality. i love our little silhouette family <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[diy] : simple skirt

now that i have a sewing machine-i've been brave. i wanted to try to make skirts for madison and i since we're leaving for the beach soon. i followed the tutorial from dana made it- but i also skyped with my sister katie which was a great idea! i could have never made these adorable skirts without kate's help. of course-- madison looks way cuter in hers than mine but that's ok! i learned from some mistakes i made--my skirt is too short for my liking but i tried. practice makes perfect. thank you katie for all of your help--and dana for the easy tutorial. 

smile...even when it rains

who says you can't have fun in the rain??? daddy's sure do have the best ideas, don't they??? 

just a few words...

i apologize i have not blogged in a while {and in a while, i mean a few days} but i'm back. i have been so busy creating & photographing but now i have a lot to talk about- so keep checking back for new posts over the next few days.

ok- so about my giveaway. i had my dates mixed up and i am sorry for those of you who keep checking back to see if you have won. i accidently made the giveaway until midnight on may 20th and i'd like to keep my end of the deal. so check back on sat. may 21st to see if you won. i promise i will announce the winner asap in the morning. {and remember the giveaway is still open so keep commenting}

lastly- i've won a blog award. i am so grateful that so many of you keep checking back at my blog and leaving me such beautiful comments. thank you to Cindy from cinsarah for awarding me the versatile blogger award. i am so honored. please go check out her blog for other winners and some great posts. check back because i've got a lot going on over here at milliemorganmedia over the next few days. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

embrace the camera : may 12th

embracing my family today. the usual embrace. i love thursdays because i love being able to take a few minutes in the morning and share a funny or serious family moment with all of you. my embrace is a photo from easter- but it's one i have not shared yet on my blog. i just think it's funny how my daughter is posing like a model. i made my family take a quick photo together since we have not had one taken in a while. enjoy. i love my husband. i love my peanut. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i spy : all things handmade

today i am linking up to little miss momma's i spy : all things handmade. my sister katie from avery & anderson mentioned this to me and i became very excited to show off some of my fun handmade stuff by me, my daughter, and other very creative people! some of this may be stuff you have already seen but i think overall it's a good collection of handmade items. enjoy! refer to the numbers below the images. thanks for hosting little miss momma {go check out her adorable, creative blog} 

1. Doily Initial Print
2. Felt Flower Headband {for my daughter Madison}
3. Fabric Rosette Headband 
4. Rosette Fabric Flowers in White Mason Jar
5. DIY Heart Crayons {we have broken crayons all over our house}
6. Knot Tie Dress- Made by my talented sister Katie from avery & anderson.
7. Drawings & Paintings- Made by Madison {my daughter} all hung by a clothesline 
8. My first sewing project- A Table Runner, made by me. 
9. Seasons Quilt- Made by my talented Grandmother (she also made the other quilt behind all of the pillows. I hope to be as good as her someday. 
10. Chicken Pillow- made by my sister, Katie. Madison's favorite pillow.
11. Batman Pillow- made by me, one of my first sewing projects. Horrible stitching but Madison loves it anyways- so I let her use it. 
12. Damask Printed Pillow- soft & looks cute with anything!

Now it's your turn! Go Link up to little miss momma's handmade edition i spy. It's a lot of fun! Also don't forget about my giveaway! seriously, you can win a free headband. what could you possibly complain about in life ;) 

Monday, May 9, 2011

two.hundred followers & a giveaway

thank you. thank you to all of you bloggers out there who follow my blog. today i reached 200 followers and i really do appreciate you all taking the time to follow me and check back on my updates & posts. i appreciate it so much that I am doing a small giveaway :) the rules are REALLY simple. {1} follow me (which I am sure most of you already do- hence the giveaway) and {2} leave me a comment. your comment can be able whatever- what you like about my blog, what you want to see more of, why you want this headband, etc. SO pass it on but I am giving away a FREE HEADBAND. perfect for an adult or child...I wear mine all the time with jeans & a t-shirt! The giveaway will end may 20. 2011. at midnight. i will announce the winner on May 21st (saturday morning) so- check out the headband photos  & get to it- pass it on to your friends :) and thank you all!!!!

Mother's Day

mother's day was excellent. we didn't do anything. we ate lots of yummy food. madison bought me a sewing machine and picked out all of her own fabric for me to make her something ;) she is so cute. my husband is the best. he did all of the grocery shopping for the week & planned all of the dinners. how relaxing for me :) i enjoyed some coffee in peace & quiet and tried to teach myself to sew. i need to take that free class because i am horrible. practice makes perfect. {it took me a half hour to thread my machine, haha laugh it up bloggers!} but I promise- i will get good! I am still trying to think of what's going to be my thing but for now--I need to practice! Enjoy some photos that recap my wonderful weekend. (Thanks Mom & Dad for the frappe's) Our flowers are starting to bloom. Madison and I snuggled, for most of the weekend. It was perfection. Please do not look close up at my stitching. I am still learning :)