Friday, April 29, 2011

it can stay this simple

just having one of those days today. my daughter is the only thing that makes me appreciate the small stuff & remember what's important. that little lady inspires me so much and she doesn't even know it. {like handing me some dandelions to make me smile...} stressed but blessed. thank you sister for reminding me how thoughtful these taylor swift lyrics are. enjoy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a day in the grass

it's gorgeous here today...a nice spring breeze, sun, warmth- it doesn't get much better. madison wanted to wear a dress outside. we played in the grass & picked dandelions. i pretty much always have my camera with me. she was in such a good mood so why not do a mini photo session of the girl in the green dress? i adore afternoon's like this one. {please disregard some dandelion stains under her nose- i think she was sniffing them too much. in addition- i just love the last photo. how on earth did i accomplish to only focus on a tiny part of the tree. i really don't know how i achieved that-but i love it}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[diy] : circle felt tank

so how cute is this tank? i bought a bunch of these at wal mart for only $3 a piece and just added some fun felt circles which are layered. I plan on making a few more for my daughters summer wardrobe. too cute! and we made a matching headband. 

[diy] : jersey knit bracelet from v&co

ok- so my sister katie forward this tutorial to me because it's just too cute. not only is the bracelet cute but Vanessa's blog is such a good read. So no credit goes to me. All of the credit goes to V & Co. I thought this would be something fun to do with my daughter Madison, which it was fun! She likes ripping the strips of we used a few old t-shirts instead of fabric. Cheaper, easier, more convenient, recyclable. thank you V & Co for sharing this tutorial with us :) not as cute Vanessa's but still cute with a t-shirt :) 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[embrace the camera] : april 21

today i am embracing my two best girls...madison & michelle. {ok, mostly michelle- but madison is always there too} my best friend michelle is honestly the best. she is always there for me and my family whenever we need her. she truly is the most caring, giving, and selfless person i know. she will drive four hours just to spend a day with us...she gives madison her baths when she visits...cuddles her, plays with her, & has so much patience and love. michelle- where would we be without you?

Monday, April 18, 2011

[diy] : bottle cap magnets

i adore these. plain & simple. they were so easy to make & cheap...well we had people over sat night so i used those beer bottle caps :) and there is nothing like my child attitude in the last photo. 

best. package. ever.

my daughter always gets packages but today was a great monday! i got a package from my sister Katie of avery & anderson. included in this package was a gorgeous matilda jane hobo bag :) along with other goodies to show later! gah my day was made. thank you sister! 

[diy] : spring fabric flower jar

i love how this turned out. i wanted to make something sort of springy for my table. everything looks so dull in my dining room because my decor is mostly black so i wanted to add some color for easter/spring. this was so easy. i spray painted a mason jar white and made rosette flowers to put in it. simple, cheap, easy and adorable :) do it yourself! 

[diy] : dog treat container

my sister just got a baby pug named penny lane. we wanted to get her a gift when we went to visit the puppy- so i made the cutest (well i think it was cute) container full of yummy unique treats found at petco. it was such a fun visit & madison loved penny lane :) 

Friday, April 15, 2011

[diy] : rosette headband

i'm obsessed with making headbands lately & my madison hates pony tails more than anything. so in order to keep those blonde curls out of her face- i have resorted to a headband obsession. i found an easy tutorial for this no sew rosette headband and i wanted to try to make it. the fun part about this headband is that i let madison pick out the fabric- this is what she picked & she sure does wear it well. we went to steak & shake for a milkshake and i asked madison what she wanted to do next...she said "i wanna go to joann's and get some craps". i laughed out loud, hard. i think she meant crafts. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my pre-schooler

my little girl was moved into the 4 year old pre-school room on Monday! she will not be four until the end of summer but her school wanted to start her early! this week they are learning about the letter w & read where the wild things are. i wanted to post this because this is the best picture she's ever drawn. she told me she had some help from Miss Christa- her new teacher but I'm a proud parent today! 

an afternoon at the park

nothing is quite better than an afternoon at the park. it's a gorgeous day here. nothing but the sun shining down and the smell of spring in the air. it really puts me in a good mood. madison and i went to the park after school & it was a fun hour spending time together. peanut had so much fun! Sophie & her husband-Jason from Babes and Sages sent me the sweetest package today as a thank you for their maternity session- which included a polarizer which was much needed. my skies are somewhat blue now thanks to the addition. Thank you both for your generosity. Enjoy some photos!  

i'm on my way

millie morgan media packaging--finally ready! i shipped my first media this past week and i'm in love with my final decisions on packaging :) so if you're interested in photos- book with me today!