Saturday, April 9, 2011

my new craft/photo/everything desk

so last night- after being sick for days and taking care of everyone--my husband surprised me with quite the amazing desk. the story behind this is just priceless. so my husband works at lowes- and he always keeps an eye on clearance items. [why not??-a discount on top of a discount] so i guess a customer had special order the granite countertop which was returned for the price of $499. yes, $499. over the past few months- the countertop was reduced, reduced, and reduced. finally- last night, my husbands manager said to him, "matt you remember that granite countertop you thought would make a cool desk??-- well it's yours! $40 bucs?" 40 bucs! a steal! and when matt turned around he saw two kitchen cabinets reduced for $15 a piece. pretty much meant to be my studio desk. so with my husbands discount- $60. I'd have to say he did pretty good! not only do i have a desk worth over $600 but it's unique & different. and madison loves it too! we can paint, glue, sew, etc. it's going to be a great summer! 


  1. Love it! So jealous your hubs works for Lowes! My neighbor was a manager at Home Depot and always came home with the best stuff for next to nothing!!

  2. How sweet- the fact that he kept his eye out for it is so awesome. The desk is very stylish too. LOVE the granite. And the pics are darling.

    Russo @

  3. What a great story! Looks like the desk is getting some love! :)