Saturday, February 19, 2011

[summer] dinner

so the warm weather makes us want to use the grill. and in fact- we made the most amazing dinner TOGETHER, which is so rare. i asked matt to buy some type of meat to throw on the grill and he came home with shrimp and we made a yummy glaze and paired it with mac and cheese & cornbread. somewhat southern if you ask me. anyways it was amazing...and Madison ate a few shrimp too! so so yummy that we all finished our plates.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I was Little....

i was looking through a bunch of stuff in search of the key for our bikes that are chained up outside and i came across some old photos that i really wanted to share. simply enjoy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Continues...

gosh- I sent my husband to Sheetz because we ran out of milk- and we eat cereal every morning before work/school. Just when I thought Valentine's Day was coming to an end...He surprises me with the following...after an entire day of family lovin' he continues to show his appreciation for me. I am so lucky & so in love...with my husband & kettle cooked hawaiian sweet onion chips/pink roses. I love how well he knows me...

Valentine's Day

I think I am a sucker for valentine's day...I have always like the gift getting, gift giving, sweets, and loving on my family all day. I guess my husband does too because he had the day off & we just hung out all day together with our little love- Madison. It's been great. Eating yummy cupcakes & snuggling. These days are the best. Growing up- My mother used to always get us Valentine's gifts and I remember how much I loved that tradition. I'd come home from school and there was always a gift on my bed which was always made in my clean, clean room. My mom, Lana is the greatest and I hope to be the same for Madison. She always made us feel so special with treats on Valentine's Day and lots of hugs & kisses. I still cannot figure out how her and my father raised such good kids...We're blessed for our family and now I am blessed for my own family too! Happy Valentine's Day not just to our lovers but our children, parents, sisters, & friends. Smiles  for heart pancakes, presents, cuddling, & cupcakes. 

A Day Break...

I had to take a day break from the world of blogging...too much cleaning and laundry to keep up on. Thank goodness I have my little helper :) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Good Food Day

I love when my hubby works the early shift and is home by 4 :) It makes my heart melt. After hanging with Madison & doing my exercise, Matt was home! So I attempted to make his favorite item off of the Olive Garden menu- toasted Ravioli. It was SO SO easy and yummy! If you want to make it just google "easy toasted ravioli" My family loved it :) (even my picky toddler thought it was so yummy that there was cheese in the middle!) I served it with a big salad with lots of veggies. A+ meal. After bath time, we had family movie night on the couch in our PJ's with a big bowl of popcorn & alphabet cookies. It was a great Saturday night. It's amazing what you consider a great Saturday night once you're married with kids. I didn't do much crafting or photography so I chose to post photos of our food :) enjoy! I hope it doesn't make you too hungry ;) 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day (When You're Married)

So I got the best surprise the other night. I came home from work to this adorable sign on my front door...

and I was so excited to open the door. My husband always gets too excited and does things like this before Valentine's days and Birthdays. Honestly- It reminds me a lot of my Dad. He does the same thing. He always gives gifts early because he is excited! Is that a man thing? Anyways...When I walked into my house- I saw this!!! and I was very happy. Plus- I get to do my exercise while Madison watches tv and colors. Pretty pumped :) I guess when you're get exercise machines as a gift. I love it! Thanks babe!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Results...

If you've read my prior post about Madison's dance pictures...Here are the results. I guess she was right...She did listen. She did smile. And she did her VERY best :) What a ham! Please enjoy the following photos...but I apologize for the poor quality. These are the proof images and the only way I could copy them to show all was to do a screen shot. I love the faces on the group shot of the girls. Each girl is doing their own thing- makes me laugh...and poor Madison doesn't look like she quite understood the group photo. My order form is massive. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa

Yummy! Everyone will enjoy this treat :) I found these marshmallows at WalMart and thought yep- this will make a perfect addition to a cup of hot cocoa. Enjoy...I know my daughter, Madison enjoyed it :)