Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I think I am a sucker for valentine's day...I have always like the gift getting, gift giving, sweets, and loving on my family all day. I guess my husband does too because he had the day off & we just hung out all day together with our little love- Madison. It's been great. Eating yummy cupcakes & snuggling. These days are the best. Growing up- My mother used to always get us Valentine's gifts and I remember how much I loved that tradition. I'd come home from school and there was always a gift on my bed which was always made in my clean, clean room. My mom, Lana is the greatest and I hope to be the same for Madison. She always made us feel so special with treats on Valentine's Day and lots of hugs & kisses. I still cannot figure out how her and my father raised such good kids...We're blessed for our family and now I am blessed for my own family too! Happy Valentine's Day not just to our lovers but our children, parents, sisters, & friends. Smiles  for heart pancakes, presents, cuddling, & cupcakes. 

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  1. Are those funfetti again? Cause those were delicious :)