Thursday, June 16, 2011

i'm back

or at least i think i am back. my computer has been doing some very weird things, things i don't understand but it seems to be working now. i didn't want to get my hopes up but it's been 48 hours or perfectly working macbook pro {and i even got all my applications back-including PHOTOSHOP} or at least for now. i'm still quite nervous- but im starting to smile again. i've been staying busy doing crafts, sewing, etc. i baked some chocolate chip cookies, i mod podged some old books for decor, i made some button flowers and put them in a salt shaker--but my most fun project was my $5 baby bed for Madison's baby doll! .99 cent fabric & ikea baby bed for 2.99 at goodwill- i'd say that's a steal! no worries blogger friends--i am working on getting more to share, please keep checking back--more photos, more crafts, ideas, etc. and thank you to mr. starkey for kicking my butt back into gear and motivating me to finally post again. and enjoy the photo of my new charm necklace purchased at the beach--it's my new favorite accessory! more to come :) 

Monday, June 13, 2011

{technology crisis}

dear friends,
i appologize for my absence on my blog lately. i am going through quite the technology crisis over here. my macbook pro has gotten the mac death screen. so this post may be quite lame since i am on my husbands 2002 hp know the one with the 10 pound monitor? i have to lift the mouse in the sky and shake it to scroll down--makes me miss my mac more. so, no photos attached to this post- just a giant frown. most of you probablly won't even read this post since it's all text and nothing pretty to look at- but i wanted to share my life in the past week since i have not been able to blog. i had a yard sale- which was a success, thank goodness. i couldn't take any more struggles this week. decluttered a lot of our house. i am also doing jillians 30 day shred to steam off some frustration and stress. i hate jillian and her perfect stomach. i have no idea what to do with myself now that im "mac-less." PC's are boring. i really hope those apple geniuses can fix my baby so i can get back in business. comments full of advice and love would be appreciated. and i promise...i will be back.
love, mandie

Monday, June 6, 2011

i believe...

vintage beach photo effects

hello followers & friends--i am sure most of you were wondering what happened to milliemorganmedia but i'm back. i was vacationing for 10 straight days with my family...the sand, the sun, my husband, my daughter, my entire family. it was just so relaxing and what we all needed but now i am back. during the 12 hour drive home- i googled hundreds of vintage photographs and got inspired... so i decided to take a few of my favorite photos of the girls and follow some vintage tutorials...& i fell in love. {and of course some extra photoshop tools were used} i adore the summer, soft feeling they portray--because let's face it--the beach is relaxing! enjoy!