Monday, June 13, 2011

{technology crisis}

dear friends,
i appologize for my absence on my blog lately. i am going through quite the technology crisis over here. my macbook pro has gotten the mac death screen. so this post may be quite lame since i am on my husbands 2002 hp know the one with the 10 pound monitor? i have to lift the mouse in the sky and shake it to scroll down--makes me miss my mac more. so, no photos attached to this post- just a giant frown. most of you probablly won't even read this post since it's all text and nothing pretty to look at- but i wanted to share my life in the past week since i have not been able to blog. i had a yard sale- which was a success, thank goodness. i couldn't take any more struggles this week. decluttered a lot of our house. i am also doing jillians 30 day shred to steam off some frustration and stress. i hate jillian and her perfect stomach. i have no idea what to do with myself now that im "mac-less." PC's are boring. i really hope those apple geniuses can fix my baby so i can get back in business. comments full of advice and love would be appreciated. and i promise...i will be back.
love, mandie

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