Sunday, May 1, 2011

[diy] : braided headband

i've been wanting to make cute braided headbands for myself for summer coming- since i always have a pony tail in & they just look so cute. before buying fabric and supplies i wanted to see how it would even look & this was such a fun diy project because it was sooo easy & i'm laughing at how i looked back in 2008. i obviously look a lot better. anyways. all i did was cut my old t-shirt into three 1 inch strips and cut off the buttons on the top to hot glue. step 2- braid the strips of fabric similar to a braid in your hair, simple. quick. it was fun to see the transformation from an old shirt to an adorable headband! [sorry for my arm in the photo- i did not have a photographer on hand]

1 comment:

  1. seriously, one of the best idea's I have yet to see! My sister, you are so brilliant! love your style :)