Tuesday, May 17, 2011

just a few words...

i apologize i have not blogged in a while {and in a while, i mean a few days} but i'm back. i have been so busy creating & photographing but now i have a lot to talk about- so keep checking back for new posts over the next few days.

ok- so about my giveaway. i had my dates mixed up and i am sorry for those of you who keep checking back to see if you have won. i accidently made the giveaway until midnight on may 20th and i'd like to keep my end of the deal. so check back on sat. may 21st to see if you won. i promise i will announce the winner asap in the morning. {and remember the giveaway is still open so keep commenting}

lastly- i've won a blog award. i am so grateful that so many of you keep checking back at my blog and leaving me such beautiful comments. thank you to Cindy from cinsarah for awarding me the versatile blogger award. i am so honored. please go check out her blog for other winners and some great posts. check back because i've got a lot going on over here at milliemorganmedia over the next few days. 

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