Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tent built out of quilts & silkies {and love}

{today i am blogging from a tent} a tent with a pink-ish tint due to my daughters obsession with pink and other shades of magenta. i apologize ahead of time that my photos have this pink tint but it makes them that much more special, i guess. it's raining. all day rain. madison was able to color with chalk this morning for a few minutes but then sat by the door crying because her smily face was disappearing. being stuck in the house with a toddler while it's pouring means you run out of things to do quickly...{hence this post} --so i am currently in a tent, listening to the rain, stalking blogs, while despicable me is playing on my daughter's portable dvd player.--{and we're also eating chocolate drizzled popcorn} i must say, it's perfection. perfection. so come on in & take a look at what we call perfection...piles of laundry in the hallway, madison's entire bed ripped apart, dishes in the sink...but all of that can wait, right? 


  1. i love this---seriously, i look up to you in so many ways as a mom--and here you are-my younger sister. who would have thought? ;)

  2. Very cool idea & wonderful photos - you should photograph some of your Grandma's quilts and do a blog posting on those - she is truly such a talented lady (hmmmm, just like you!)

  3. These pictures make me smile! How fun and what a beautiful photographer you are!