Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[diy] : simple skirt

now that i have a sewing machine-i've been brave. i wanted to try to make skirts for madison and i since we're leaving for the beach soon. i followed the tutorial from dana made it- but i also skyped with my sister katie which was a great idea! i could have never made these adorable skirts without kate's help. of course-- madison looks way cuter in hers than mine but that's ok! i learned from some mistakes i made--my skirt is too short for my liking but i tried. practice makes perfect. thank you katie for all of your help--and dana for the easy tutorial. 


  1. SOOO cute!! No, I think yours looks great, sis! I actually like the shorter length---mine feels so bulky! LOVEEDDD doing this!

  2. I think you BOTH look cute! I may try to make one too - I've just dusted off my mother's old sewing machine. This could be my first project!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  3. They're both great skirts! I think your short one looks great, but I'm never brave enough (read: ladylike enough!) to wear skirts that short XD