Sunday, September 23, 2012

sky top orchard | flat rock, nc

today my sister and i met half way (in between greensboro and knoxville) with our kids to sky top orchard in flat rock, nc. this place was gorgeous! not only did they have fresh apple cider donuts ready when you walked in, but tons of apples to pick straight from the tree. the kids just loved it! the sun was shining and the views were amazing...but let's just say three kids 5 and under make for a lot of running around and a lot of "girls" slow down. it was so fun to make this day spontaneous with my sister, from avery and anderson. not only do i love spending time with her but adore spending time with her kids and seeing our daughters together, just like when we were kids. i love being able to create memories with my sister and our children. thanks sis for the memories.

 {and i am sorry, these photos just crack me up and let's just admit this, it sums up our children completely. who wants to stop the fun and take photos?? not our kids! right kate? our kids are still just so cute though, aren't they? even if they are being silly or not looking!}

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