Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fun with melissa & doug wooden jewelry

so i know madison's birthday was over a month ago but a few days after her birthday- we received such an adorable package in the mail from sophie of babes and sages, which included this adorable wooden jewelry kit by melissa and doug. we finally got around to making some adorable bracelets and necklaces---in which madison told me i had to wear everyday. they are so cute that i just might! we had a lot of fun and the nice thing about this kit is it comes with extra string so you can re-make your jewelry! it made an excellent gift & was a lot of fun- so thank you to soph! 


  1. So glad she liked it! The bracelets are so cute. I miss you guys too but maybe we can see each other soon??? Let me know if you wanna get together for lunch maybe. We could meet half way or something :)

  2. awh, that is so sweet! That Sophie always picks out the best gifts! I am still dying to see that shirt you were "oohing and awwiinng" over from her. So sweet, Soph! & adorable pics sis! Madison has artistic talent like her mommy!

  3. How cute! I can see an adult sporting that jewelry.