Saturday, September 3, 2011

{diy vintage crate}

i've been wanting to make one these for a while now- especially to use as a side prop for photo sessions & decor for my home. i wanted something i could add to photos that was small enough for a couple mason jars. we will see how it works- look back for an example. there are some super cute vintage crates out there but you can make one at home for less than $10.00-- and it's a great size! {especially if you choose your coupons from joann's or shop during a sale} i am sure there are tons of ways to create this effect and this is just one of many--now get yourself a pen & paper and write down everything you will need: 
{everything can be found at your local craft/fabric store}
small crate | paint {dark color or base & light color for top coat} | crackle medium
paint brush | newspaper to lay down | & fun jars to put inside! alright- let's go.


  1. omg! what a great tutorial sis!!!! {love your instructions} and your photos look amazing! I also love the "make some rosettes while it dries" plug. haha SOOOO awesome!

  2. Great idea! And, I want some of those rosettes!!!