Thursday, September 8, 2011

prepping for my 1st wedding & school update

i apologize i've barely posted this week. my days have been spent either on my computer stalking wedding photography or at barnes and noble reading (only bought 1 book) all of the wedding photography books to prep for {MY FIRST WEDDING} yes, saturday i will be shooting my very first wedding & i couldn't be any more excited & very prepared (with extra memory cards, batteries, and a new shirt--ok just a black one but still) madison has been staying busy at school and i must admit i am starting to get used to the work at home. laundry is done, dinner is planned, & i am prepped. plus she comes home with lots of drawings which i just love--this week is the letter n. and we have to bring something in for show & tell...hmm, notebook, nemo, newspaper, night light, {nothing??} hmm-- there should be a blog about that.

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