Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the bird's papaya

last week i won a giveaway from the bird's papaya which was hosted by see kate sew. both of these blogs & shops are just so adorable. i was very excited because this was the first giveaway i have ever won. i always enter giveaways but it really made my week that i won this one :) sarah from the bird's papaya is just the sweetest! she mailed my items so quickly and in adorable packaging. nothing is better than receiving hand made items with hand done packaging. it feels so unique & what great quality! my new necklaces are adorable & i cannot wait to wear them! thank you sarah & kate! please check out the bird's papaya shop & order yourself some cute & unique items! 


  1. ohhh i love! I think I need to order myself one of her necklaces! They are adorable! I love the photos you did! Where are you at taking those?

  2. oh my! those photos are so great!! thanks for taking them!! you are the sweetest. There's nothing better than having the winner of a giveaway (my FIRST giveaway at that) be so kind & sweet! thank you!!