Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a big day

today was a big day for milliemorganmedia. today was my first time on one pretty thing, a diy blog full of projects. my christmas ball ornament tutorial was featured on the blog and you can check it out here. i am so thrilled. thank you to rachel of one pretty thing. 

next up, dondi from dondalee's blog also featured this diy christmas ornament on her blog. you can read it here. i am so lucky to have so much support from fellow bloggers. it's so rewarding them your tutorials are featured on various blogs, especially TWO in ONE day. thank you ladies, you made my day. also i just want to share an adorable photo from the other day. peanut's smile couldn't get any bigger and more gorgeous. love you buddy. 


  1. congrats sis! don't you love "big blog days?!" they make it all so worth-the-while huh? ;)

  2. oh and dugh, best part of this post is that lil Mad of mine! Her smile is contagious!