Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet Amanda from Mommy is CooCoo

Hello! I am Amanda (or Mandy with a Y), and I blog at mommy is coocoo

~ My blog is all about fun! ~

Whether you are laughing about the realities of marriage and motherhood or being inspired to make your everyday surroundings lovely, regardless of your budget. I am thrilled to be guest posting today!  I'd like to share with you one of my most popular projects.  I hope this project inspires you.

~ Wall Art made from Embroidery Hoops and Fabric ~

~ I love fabric! ~

I have lots of fabric remnants.
I also had this big, blank wall in our newly painted guest bedroom.


So I bought a few large wooden hoops at a craft store 
added some fabric & hung them on the wall 

I am liking it!
So I start looking for lots of wooden hoops on ebay

I purchased thirty hoops for $15
{much less expensive then buying them at a craft store}
and added fabric I already had to the hoops

I tried not to worry a lot about fabric placement
or what part of the fabric looked best
{as with all my projects I recommend wine if you are anal and tend to over think things}

If you like the fabric, DON'T WORRY about it matching!

Next I trimmed all the extra fabric

and began placing the hoops on the wall
{you will most definitely need some wine for this part}


I rotated sides and added a few hoops on the left and then a few on the right.

I used very small nails.
{Since I posted this tutorial/project I've added a step which I believe will potentially save you a lot of time and a few headaches!  After my kids ran their hands across the hoops a couple of times and a few fell off starting an avalanche of falling hoops-AHHH! I removed the few hoops that were still hanging on the wall.  I then used my glue gun and added a touch of hot glue to the tip of the nail before I placed my hoop on it.  Magic!  The hoops can still easily be removed but my coocoo kids can't knock them off the wall.}

Try your best NOT to over think it.

some of my hoops touch. some don't.

~ the finished product ~

~ my beautiful wall art ~
Mandie (with an ie :) - Thank you for allowing me to share today. This coocoo Momma couldn't be more grateful! If you'd like to see other coocoo projects or learn more about the whole coocoo family, head on over to mommy is coocoo.


  1. love her & her work---going to follow her blog now :) XO!

  2. Thanks Mandie. This looks GREAT! Can't wait to feature you this week.