Thursday, April 5, 2012

diy | date night in a jar

when my best friend, michelle called me and said, "hey- wanna make a date night in a jar?" i had no idea what she was talking about until i typed it in on pinterest, which is where she found the inspiration for. so, last night michelle came over & we made our very own date night in a jar. it was a lot fun & the best part about it was the each of us collaborated supplies. we agreed we're going to have a "pinterest party" soon! we had so much fun coming up with fun dates for our significant others that met our lifestyle. so all credit to this project goes to my bff, michelle! {all of my photos for this post are taken with my iphone-- i apologize for my photos not being shot by my slr} here we go, grab a good friend & make your own! 

here is what you will need: a jar, craft sticks, different color electrical table, a sharpie marker, and a fun label. since i love my readers so much, at the very end of this post you can go ahead and grab the label i made for our jars! just click on the image at the bottom! 

so all you really need to do is come up with tons of date ideas that match the color! for example, for our white sticks were dates @ home, cheap things that do not cost a lot of money or no money at all-- such as massages, write each other a note, pick a movie on netflix, etc. you just keep coming up with tons of ideas that match each other! write them on the stick and add the corresponding color to the top & then the fun part, decorate your jar! so go ahead and make one, it's a fun way to decide right on the spot on what to do tonight with your hubby or significant other! enjoy :) 

 click here to download milliemorganmedia's version of the label

{i am so sorry with my lack of posting-- i have been busy with some new photo shoots and prepping for some upcoming weddings so lots more fun stuff to see over here at milliemorganmedia, i hope you continue to read} 


  1. Cute and crafty! My date nights with my husband of 17 years always involve alcohol!

  2. I just saw this on pinterest as well and thought I'd do some more research into these. I just started making my own :D

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