Friday, October 26, 2012

field trip to the pumpkin patch

i spent the day with 100 kindergarten children. let's just say, it was priceless. i had so much fun getting to know madison's classmates. unfortunately i can't share all of the photos taken because putting random children on my blog would be slightly inappropriate without their parents permission, haha. i sound like such a pta parent ;)  i secretly love it! anyways, madison had a blast showing me the stuff her and her friends do including their secret handshake. it was nice to see who she plays with everyday. if you don't know madison, she is obsessed with horses right now. she was so happy to pet and feed a horse, especially a big white one named king. it was a blast :) enjoy a few photos from our day :) 

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  1. How fun. :) Love the pictures with the horse!