Monday, October 17, 2011

i'm alive. i swear.

i haven't had a new post in over a week and a half. i apologize for my absence to my blog but this morning, ok all day, pregnancy sickness has taken over my body. i was out of town & then came home and pretty much slept on the couch for three days straight. enough woe is me friends, i am back {or at least i think} in a few weeks, i will be in my second trimester already- wow! and i swear my stomach is getting hard. it could just be me getting excited ;) thankfully i have a wonderful husband and a super sweet 4 year old who brings me ginger ale and forces gatorade on me. i think i am out of my funk and im dealing with the upset stomach & the smells that make me gag :)

so back to my girls weekend. my sisters, mom, grandma, and our kids all met at my mother's house for a fun & relaxing weekend. with three kids running around & a sick pregnant woman we managed to plan a craft night, which was so much fun! our grandmother is so talented and an amazing sewer {all the quilts used in my photo sessions are made by her}. anyways-- we made fall wreaths taught by my sister katie of avery & anderson! it was so much fun to craft with my two beautiful sisters & my amazing grandmother. we talked, they drank wine, we laughed--it was a wonderful moment! you can read the tutorial here on my sisters blog for directions and photos of our crafting---check it out here
also- i couldn't be any more excited for my sister! her tutorial made it on one pretty thing's weekend round up. go sis! you are so talented and a wonderful teacher. so much text, i wonder if anyone will read this. more posts to come, i promise! but for now please check out my sisters wreath tutorial and here is the one i made :) love. 

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  1. Awh-thanks for the shout out sis! Yours looks amazingly beautiful!!!!