Monday, October 3, 2011

my lack of blogging...

is due to pregnancy nausea. it has hit me. the tiredness & the heightened sense of smell. the other morning i had to plug my nose just to force myself to have a few sips of 1/2 caf coffee to get through the day. i am sure it will fly though and we're so so excited to be going through this journey again! so for now- i will stick to ginger ale, crackers, & lemonheads to help ease my nausea and i'm looking forward to the second trimester ;) all i know is when i wake up each morning- i feel just like the little monster on the ginger ale can


  1. I never heard of lemon heads for morning sickness but I was totally into the ginger ale and saltines. The smell of coffee totally grossed me out too and I love coffee! Congrads and hope this part passes quickly.

  2. That little monster is a cutie. Hope you feel better soon.