Thursday, August 23, 2012

an update | our new life in greensboro

so for those of you who do not know, we've moved from greensburg, pa to greensboro, nc. let's just say the last week or so has been quite the ride for us. this blog was mostly used to express my creativity through photography and crafts but i think i might incorporate some updates for family and friends back in pa so you can see how we're doing in our new life. so bare with me--first off, we're doing great! we found a new town home very close to the airport and the city. we also have a pool. {so come visit--pool season is until october} madison & matt both start school august 27th--in a few short days-- but matt has been working for the last two weeks and is very happy at his new job. madison, my mom, and i even went to help clean and decorate and meet the other teachers. madison is enrolled in a wonderful school & everyone has been more than helpful with this transition. we have an amazing farmers market, my mom & dad have been helping us a lot, and madison loves that we can walk to our very own pool. keep checking back for more updates, as madison starts kindergarden. here are just a few photos, via instagram, from our journey so far! keep following.

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