Tuesday, June 25, 2013

am i back? plus a trip to mayberry, nc

good question. am i back? it wasn't until i checked my blog a few days ago that i realized i lost all of that custom coding i worked so hard on a year ago...you all know what i'm talking about- all i wanted was to use century gothic to match my website (a little bit of blogger humor) anyways, i decided to visit my blog and in the last three months of barely blogging- i lost it. all of my coding...maybe this is a sign? i remembered how much i loved blogging and sharing my photos. it's so much work--but brings a lot of unexplainable joy. but i miss it...i miss lugging around my heavy camera, always brainstorming up a craft or project with mad. 

with that being said, i'm back. maybe not as frequent. and i know i have said this before but failed to keep up. but we have a lot of exciting things going on around here with the arrival of our new addition, a baby girl in october. so here i am...a working mother, still living in a new city (how long will it take to know where things are?) i am not sure how i think i can manage this with an almost full time job, TWO kids, a husband, a house, laundry, etc... the list goes on- does anyone still blog? does anyone read this blog? or will they continue to read it-- remember i'm still instagram obsessed and can be followed @mandiestarkey. so let's give this a go...

last weekend we visited the town of mayberry, nc. for those of you (like me) who have no clue what this means...the birth place of andy griffith and the inspiration for his show. we attended the museum but let's just say, we were more excited for the local soda fountain shop (root beer floats...yumm) and the vintage candy store (lemon drops and root beer barrels) i'm not six months pregnant or anything ;) anyways, i figured i'd share some photos from our little adventure. it felt so wonderful carrying my camera with me...rather than just my iphone, which seems so convenient these days. i miss being behind my camera- anyways, happy tuesday! enjoy some photos!

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