Thursday, June 27, 2013

our summer | through my iphone

this summer has been very different for all of us... this is our first summer with matt as a teacher and now he has been off from school and i go to work everyday. it's weird that he is a "stay at home" dad and i am off to work. i feel like i miss out on things sometimes but i am so glad madison is getting extra special time with daddy before the arrival of baby m. i still get to enjoy a lot of the summer fun so i figured i'd share some photos through my iphone- if you follow me on instagram you have most likely seen all of these, but for those who don't i am sharing a tiny peak into our summer.

our summer: lazy mornings, days swimming at the pool, trips to take out library books, momma being pregnant, fresh fruit daily from the local farmers market & more swimming. so far, we're enjoying these last moments as just a family of three. before we know it, baby m will be here and everyone will be back to school. time for another evening dip in the pool--what are you all up to this summer? anything fun? 

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