Tuesday, July 9, 2013

madison looses her first tooth

just when i thought "the first's" were coming to an end with madison... she finally lost her first tooth! her tooth has been loose for over two months now & we've been dealing with the "i can't eat that apple, what about my tooth?" and "is it gonna come out yet?" well, finally after a lot of wiggling and tugging, she lost it! madison was so excited so i had to share with you all...she even made us walk to the pool to see if any of her neighborhood friends were there to show! tonight she will get an extra special visit from the tooth fairy... for some reason she thinks the tooth fairy brings her 3 special chocolates so i guess the tooth fairy must live up to her expectations ;) thank you pinterest for the quick and easy tooth fairy printable because this pregnant mama is exhausted. i hope you enjoy some photos of "toothless madison" 

1 comment:

  1. Yaa for Madison! What a good photographer you are Mandie!