Wednesday, July 6, 2011

diy : drawstring market backpack {vintage edition}

while in tn, my sister, kate from avery & anderson came home with some adorable & soft vintage fabric she found at a thrift store for only a $1, there was over four yards of fabric so i must say- she got a great deal! we decided to make little market backpacks since we learned the hard way how hard it was to hold a toddlers hand, our produce, and money all in our hands. i hope you like how ours turned out. i'd love to give a step by step tutorial but we sort of made that up using a free united health care backpack- but we love how it turned out. sis did most of the sewing since she is faster than i am- but i helped cut, and plan. it was a lot of fun to craft together--while the girls playing with paint and chalk in the garage! 

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