Tuesday, July 26, 2011

vintage. antique. thrifty. i'm in love.

this morning i did some thrifting/antiquing. it was a great to have some mommy alone time--which is was well needed. it was nice to look at glassware and not toys. it was so much fun checking out furniture rather than disney movies or barbie clothes.  i found some awesome items & good deals. first stop- the youngwood antique store/used furniture store. i always drive past it and i'm really kicking myself for never stopping until today. an entire store full of vintage furniture, fabric, mason jars, and overall decently priced. at this store- i bought a yellow chair for $7.00 & a blue mason jar for 1/2 off--$6.00. then off to a thrift store where everything was 25% off! i got an old camera--it doesn't work & after research it's a pretty useless camera- but it was only $5 and i also found some 80's photography books, which may inspire me? or at least fun to read! i cannot wait to use the yellow chair for photo sessions. i love how bright it is. 
{my sister from avery & anderson & i were thinking of creating a weekly link up where people can share their thrift store/antique store findings-would that be something anyone would be interested in?? feedback please!!} anyways--enjoy my photos.

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  1. in love...you did so good sis. its so funny that we did the same thing today--and both of us already had it planned before we talked! crazy!!! Keep an eye out for mine tomorrow morning ;)