Sunday, July 3, 2011

fountain fun {only in knoxville, tn}

the next few posts will be me sharing some of our fun experiences while visiting knoxville, tennessee over the last couple weeks...which includes great photos, diy activities, sewing projects- really, a lot of great stuff! so keep checking back! life in knoxville is a lot different than pittsburgh-- everyone is more laid back & all about just embracing the moments. my sister, from avery & anderson, has taught me a lot while visiting-- just let the kids go barefoot. it was more than just letting them go barefoot---i embraced a lot of moments with a care free & spontaneous attitude which i really hope i can continue at home. thank you sis, for only making me a better parent! for those of you who are not aware of the fun things to do in the city of knoxville--or who live in other areas, in knoxville there is a gorgeous park with huge fountains that squirt up for kids to run in--even adults. the girls laughed hard and sometimes fell hard-but their smiles were contagious. my sister talked me into running through with the girls--& let me say, the smile on my daughters face seeing her momma was priceless & after the girls burned off every calorie in their body---surprise! cotton candy! it really was a great day-- thank you sis for the memories! 

and most importantly...madison got to spend some quality time with her cousin and got to experience personal moments with her aunt kate, which doesn't happen very often. when our families get together, it always for weddings, graduations, big moves, christmas...i was happy madison got to experience some simple fun with her aunt kate & cousins. her smile in this photo only describes half of the fun kate showed her while in knoxville, tennessee. thank you sis...madison will not stop talking about your family. check her out at {avery & anderson}.

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  1. Omg-i am crying. that is the sweetest post ever in many, many ways. You made me a better mama too sis; we balance each other so well. Love that Mad and her awesome imagination--it is contagious! Thanks for coming, all your help, and sharing your love for my babies as well!