Friday, July 1, 2011

welcome july.

i know i said i was back & then disappeared again but now i really am back and moving forward. the computer has finally been fixed & we're back on track just as july approaches. july is a big month for me! my husbands birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, mad starts soccer which leads into her 4th birthday the first week of august. so- i promise- there is a lot of new & exciting stuff to keep checking back on! i'm currently in tennessee visiting my sister. so i have a lot to blog about when i get back in pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon. for now- just enjoy a sweet summer photo as things start to pick up & get a lot more fun & interesting! 


  1. Hope that you stay 'back', your photography and creativity - just fab!
    The button craft is too cute and since we have a ton of buttons, I see our next craft before my very eyes ;)

  2. For those followers who love Mandie, she is more than just "Mandie." This is her sister, Kate who she is staying with at Tennessee. She is the BEST sister, mama, Aunt, etc. I can't even tell you how much help she was & what I would have never done without her. She is truly a remarkable woman in a million+ ways! Gosh, I love my sister...who would have thought I would have looked up to my little sister ;)