Monday, November 28, 2011

christmas card design giveaway

it's that time of year again. time to send out christmas cards! why don't do something different and unique? how about a photo card! milliemorganmedia is doing a giveaway! you will win this cute design. it's simple- if you win, you will email me your vertical family photo and i will change the photo and words to fit your family. i will then email you the final, high resolution design and you can print these almost anywhere-- online, walmart, walgreens, etc. all you do is upload it just like you would a photo <3 so pass it on & comment
here are the rules: 
1. follow milliemorganmedia
2. leave a comment on why you love the holiday season
** bonus entry-- follow avery & anderson
{giveway ends on her birthday}
giveaway ends: 
december 4th at midnight


  1. omg, i love you! & this...while i think I "stooped pretty low on FB today, I feel rather empowered! okay, okay, enough about me and back to this....its so beautiful & I miss the starkey family oh so much!"

  2. I love your website!!! I love Christmas and the holidays because it is time with my family and friends!!! I live away from my family now and holidays always brings us close together again!! Also starting new holiday traditions with my fiance and 2 wonderful dogs!!

  3. love love love this gorgeous design (& your darling family photo!) :)

    I love the holidays because it provides the perfect excuse to hunker down and just hang out with your loved ones. :)