Thursday, November 17, 2011

give thanks {through grief}

it's not easier today & it's written all over my face. my husband and i still have moments of grief but we choose to give thanks. thankfully god blessed us with a wonderful daughter to guide us through this. it's hard to be sad or feel ungrateful when you have such joy running around your house--begging to make her turkey craft, praying to god at dinner, asking what we are thankful for {as she says, "i'm thankful for mommy, daddy, and our angel baby}--she truly is a sweetheart. 
so my house is trashed with toys by my feet. i need to do laundry and i haven't. instead- i've been cuddling my sweet little girl & watching movies, making crafts, eating halloween candy. i've organized a small portion of my kitchen for this post. we needed a small tribute to the thanksgiving holiday. madison was so excited to make her turkey craft that aunt heidi bought her--it made me smile, even for a brief moment.
as reality sets in- the tears fall.

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  1. This turned out SOOOO cute, sis! Its the perfect lil Thanksgiving set-up! Man, Mad is a fabulous job on that Turkey!