Saturday, November 19, 2011

"you can't choose what stays & what fades away..."

i have been listening to florence and the machine for days. so much that madison has learned almost all of the words to shake it out. it was nice enough to go for a little walk today. so we did- after madison begged me to straighten her hair so it would look longer. i also made my mother in law a table runner for thanksgiving dinner. she picked out the fabric but i must say- it makes a great gift! don't be mad if any of you receive table runners this year for x-mas from the starkey family. tight budget ;) anyways- this little peanut just lights up my day with her gorgeous smile & awkward yet hilarious personality. just a few photos from earlier today. now i am off to shoot a wedding reception/cocktail party. it should be a lot of fun and just what i need right now. 


  1. She is absolutely stunning Mandie! I can't believe how mature she looks already. You'll have to beat the guys away with a stick one day ;) Love you guys. Enjoy that wedding reception.

  2. What great shots Mand ..... Our little girl is so beautiful .....

  3. I love what you wrote--you had me crack up at some of that. the pics of Madison and the table runner. Can't wait to hear how the wedding reception went {and of course, see the pics from it}. :) <3 you sis!