Tuesday, February 14, 2012

dinner @ eight | sweetheart

i have been waiting to post our dinner at eight so i could link up over at a bit of sunshine for the theme of february, which is sweetheart. i knew husband would be working the closing shift the week of valentine's day, so we did our date night a week earlier when he worked a day shift. it was my first dinner at eight--and i was very excited because i feel like it's been forever since hubby & i have had a date night. i was sort of looking forward to a night in where we could eat a yummy dinner, have a couple drinks, and watch a movie. while i cooked dinner, hubby bathed and put madison to sleep and just in time- 8 o'clock rolled around. we had tacos (hubby loves tacos) with chips and salsa. it was just wonderful to spend time together because i think sometimes we forget to enjoy that time together.

here we go--so i shaped the black beans and taco's into a heart, for the sweetheart. i also decorated the chalkboard with our menu and plans for after. hubby was so excited that i picked up some of his favorite beer, molson and we couldn't wait to snuggle on the couch with our favorite quilt, my grandmother made it for us for our wedding. it's amazingly soft and we always snuggle with it. i know i could have made this dinner at eight more special, planning more ahead of time, but it was just perfect for us. 

as we all know how busy life gets-- i forgot about dinner at eight, didn't pick up everything i wanted to make the night special, forgot to make the heart banner in time, etc--but enjoying some husband time made me remember how important it is to step back from our busy schedules and just enjoy each other. i am so blessed for my husband. he has so much love and patience and today is the perfect day to appreciate that. you should plan a date night for your hubby and post your dinner at eight over at rebekah's blog, a bit of sunshine.


  1. What a cute idea! Hopping over from the dinner at 8 linkie. We did our special night tonight. ;)

  2. How awesome! I love the idea so much and the heart taco is so sweet.

  3. love it, sis! doing ours after valentines day---saturday night :) XOXO!

  4. oh my word your date looks so adorable and like it was just the perfect night for you guys - thank you for linking up it is such an encouragement and inspiration!

  5. I love it! The heart idea is cute. =)

  6. Love your sign. It is great sitting down to a meal just the two of you. It is even more special when it is intentional. I found that we talked more than our usual dinners.

    Have a great week,