Saturday, February 4, 2012

from this to that | diy repurposed bench

the newest & most beautiful addition to my home is my repurposed bench. isn't is just perfect for spring? my bff michelle got this for me a while ago from a yard sale from a furniture designer and she knew it was right up my alley. it was very easy to repurpose and it looks great with some valentine decor. i got the fabric on clearance and already had white paint so it cost next to nothing to repurpose. i might even want to attempt it in a photo session? that's how much i love it. well, here it is--from this to that.

and even madison loves the bench. i swear it has nothing to do with a mailbox full of candy. 
pipe cleaners and yarn?? yup! just a sneak peak of the current new brand i am working on. i am so excited about this one! i love being able to incorporate hand-done things with digital. stay tuned...and remember if you need any design work, contact me! 


  1. what an interesting find. looks like a great reading nook if you put some books in that shelf.