Tuesday, February 7, 2012

random thoughts

this post is very random. i already know that prior to writing it. i go junking once a week. i always hit up the goodwill & thrift king at least one morning with my coffee. it's my time and i love it. i can always find a dollar here or there- so i never feel guilty spending it. a few months ago i bought 3 beautiful vintage patchwork mugs, which i hope someday to use as tea cups for madison, when is a little bit older. they are very fragile. i was sort of bummed that i only found three but i bought them anyways- hoping to find 1 single cup on ebay or junking another day. months went by but sure enough, i found 1 for only 44 cents. you cannot beat that & look at her smile. aren't they just the cutest?? and even better, i found them on etsy for $18.50 for three and i think i only spend $2 on the entire set. goodness do i love a great vintage find! 

next up, the vintage sunflower pyrex divided dish. my very first divided dish. i found one for $29.95 plus shipping on ebay. guess how much i paid for this beauty?? come on, guess?? give up? ONLY $3.99. i am a firm believer in using my pyrex so i cannot wait to serve green beans AND egg noodles together. {amazing what brings joy to moms} beautiful huh?

lastly, i have been meaning to let you readers know that i am now a proud owner of a jo totes camera bag, which i might add is absolutely gorgeous. my parents surprised all of us girls {i am one of three girls} with surprise christmas gifts. my mom and dad sure paid attention to what we talk about...kate got vintage pyrex. heid got a beautiful coat. i got this gorgeous bag and i almost cried when i opened it. i think i did cry. anyways, thanks again mom & dad. i know christmas was forever ago but i finally got the chance to post these. if you have a nice camera and/or like taking pictures, this is the bag for you. it's worth every penny. you can check out more styles here at jo totes. there are so many beautiful styles--but there is nothing i love more than my little peanut & her face in the last photo. she made a little bed on the ground. love her <3 again, sorry for the randomness. thanks to those who read this! 


  1. i love your random post <3 oh such good finds...and that bag. I sure loved your expression on christmas eve :) we have the best mom&dad don't we?

  2. PS love the updated pics on your header :)

  3. Awe , that was a great post ..... How cute is our peanut :) love you Mand

  4. Oh my I love a good thrift find. It makes me giddy. Hooray for great presents from your parents.