Monday, February 13, 2012

diy | heart crayons

this tutorial was not only my first tutorial but one of my first blog posts ever. you can see how to make heart crayons here at my original post & of course, we made them again this year to pass out to madison's friends at school. she loves making these & cannot wait for her valentine's day party tomorrow at school.  anyways, here is how ours turned out this year. and thanks to my sis for letting me know that my diy heart crayon tutorial is the first three images on google, yay me ;) and i couldn't be any more proud of my little peanut...she wrote her name over 20 times. happy valentine's's not late to make some crayons for tomorrow! and just a reminder-you can find out how to make them here. also, i love you all so much that i'm sharing the card to print for free. download, have your child write their name, cut, and send to school with your crayons <3 click here to download. 

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